Which is best Oracle DBA or SQL DBA a career advice

by Kendba Admin / Apr 5, 2011 / Published in Career Builder
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Career Advice - Which is more benefits Oracle DBA vs SQL server DBA?

Biggest confusion for choosing career as DBA in Microsoft SQL DBA or Oracle DBA. When you want to become Database Administration then you have multiple choose like Oracle DBA, SQL DBA, MySQL DBA, DB2 DBA, Teradata DBA. Here we are explaining about Oracle DBA and SQL DBA career.

Being an information technology fresher, you have the both platforms to make your career from and the options are oracle and SQL server but Oracle is been always a first choice for most of the students. Oracle database administration jobs have been on high demand throughout the time because having a well database management administration is very important for most of the companies and this is the main reason of its growing demand. Oracle Database administration is important to manage, maintain and organize the information and database of a company. It is a 9-5 white colored job but if there is any system crash or any problem then it would be a very hectic time for the oracle database administration experts. Stored information are the most valuable asset for a company and if there anything is down then it may causes lose of literally millions of dollars and this is why it should be kept systematically and securely and oracle database administration is the best way to do that.

The salary outlook of oracle database administrators is really good because the average salary ranges from $51,000-$83,000 per year but it can vary on the basis of location, experiences, educational levels etc.

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Creating the backup records of all stored data is another important part of this job because if there is any system crash then administrators can use the backup data to keep the system working and in the mean time they can restore all the stored information.

On the other side, SQL server is also important but it has not got the height like oracle and that is why the salary of SQL server experts is lesser than a oracle experts and oracle is easy to learn and execute and that is it has a great demand on the market.

Way of importance, both is very important databases. SQL server DBA has importance compare to Oracle DBA. There are some significance differences in working tasks.

Some Limitations in SQL server DBA:

As SQL DBA, you can get GUI for performing your daily activities and database administration tasks. You should need to work on Windows platforms only. There is lot of technical articles and forums available to provide you support or improve your skills. Remote SQL DBA support is also available with very cheapest rates. Certification of SQL is very easy and if you are interesting to learn operating system platform specific administration then you need to learn only latest Windows only. Means it has limited opportunity to improving your skills. But daily and routine activities are not easy due to GUI because Microsoft also delivers so many new features in every new version. You can learn lot of new concepts and features in new version. There are lots of large databases running with SQL Server. Don’t be shy that your important is less in any corporate company. As SQL DBA you also play key role in any of company. Off course, learning different operating system concept is being missed. Instead of this, you can learn lot of new concepts. SQL server is only available for Windows. It is not available for Unix and Linux.

"SKY has NO LIMITS" in Oracle DBA:

As Oracle DBA, you can GUI and command line option both to perform your daily activities and database administration tasks. You can get to work on various and different kind of operating systems because Oracle is available for every operating system. You can get work on Unix, Linux and Windows. Means your skill set of operating system will be improving more than SQL DBA. Learning single operating system specific does not helpful as Oracle DBA. You can put yourself as "Sky has no limit", means you learn lot of things including operating systems, hardware, network and many more there is no limitation.

Therefore, we can say that working as SQL DBA is very easy in compare to working as Oracle DBA but not so much. As market trend, Oracle DBA is earning more than SQL DBA. Choosing of career as Database Administrator is excellent nowadays. No company can survive without Database Administrator. Importance of database is very strong in corporate market. DBA is key person for every corporate company. Due to this reason, DBA is offered good salary packages and jobs.

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