How to choose career in IT?

by Kendba Admin / Dec 22, 2010 / Published in Career Builder
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Lots of Options exist as career choice in IT - database administration is option:

This is the age of specialization. When there are a number of options for the courses and jobs, it becomes very difficult to choose one for the career. So students should be aware of some the courses that they may choose after passing their secondary or higher secondary examinations. Our choice depends upon our likes and dislikes. We should examine our hobbies, habits and our nature.

In the past, professions were determined by castes and were mostly hereditary. But the advent of industrial revolution completely changed the age-old pattern of living and of making a living. Today choice of occupation is not only possible but also necessary for a modern young men and women.

Since it is not possible for a young men or girl in his or her teens to make choice or a career, he or she has to consult the parents, elders, teachers, vocational guidance centers and books on career planning. Vocational guidance centers not only provide information about various available courses but also help and guide the students in making the right choice on the basis of their performance in a number of aptitude tests and various other tests. Every student should observe his/her own tastes and temperament and aptitude.

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One can be successful in his/her job if one likes it by heart and has aptitude for the job. It must not be trusted or selected blindly. One needs to think deeply and plan one’s career much in advance. Instead of taking up a job, one can start own business. If not one can accept a job and after enough experience, a business can be started.

There are certain books which can guide us in choosing a career. They are published by various publishers. If one’s remuneration is not sufficient, he cannot give his best to his work. Lack of job satisfaction makes his life a dragging burden.

In short the students should plan their career in advance. They should not make choice of their career according to other's likes and dislikes.

As Bernard Shaw said: Make sure to get what you like else you will be forced to like what you get......

In information technology and computer field there are lots of options available. You study most of options in your college. Choose option where you are very interesting and you have good knowledge. Never follow other or pick wrong career path. Ask your faculties, professors, teachers about your interesting subject and try to increase skill in same. Don't ask anyone who is out of information technology field. I am saying database administration career or Oracle career is right for you. You need to decide yourself for choosing career path. Right career path choosing is the first achievement of your life.

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