How to be an expert in Oracle Performance Tuning?

by Kendba Admin / Aug 18, 2011 / Published in ELEARNING
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Oracle Performance Tuning is now easy to be tuning expert:

Quality of online course structure should be very easy to understand and quick to learn. Most of online courses are not able to provide such type of easy teaching course materials and techniques. But if online course should be in best designed by experts then all processes are streamlining with easy learning methods. These techniques are very useful to understand hard and critical processes very effortlessly without doubts. If more doubts are rising in candidate's mind then it should be problem with online course structure and design. Online courses are not developing with good techniques and due to this reason; most of online courses are not providing such good understanding and depth knowledge of course specific topics.

Oracle Performance Tuning is one of the tough subject and very typical topic. Because Oracle Tuning always demands so many skills of candidate like, operating system knowledge, storage structure and storage concept knowledge, somehow of networking concept as well as hardware theory. Means if candidate is well verse with these all topics then and only he becomes expert in Oracle Tuning. One another major thing also affect in Oracle performance tuning that is version change of Oracle. There is no guarantee to get only Oracle 12c database you will get for tuning. It is may be possibility that you can get multiple versions of databases like Oracle 12c,11g,10g,9i etc.

Therefore, we can say that if online course is well designed and developed with some extra techniques for easily understandable and with live environment examples then it is very painless effort to learn Oracle Performance Tuning.

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Kendba is introducing special online Oracle course for Oracle 11g Performance Tuning with totally new concept. This online course covers with all live environment and real time example for practical e-learning Oracle expert oracle dbaPerformance tuning with good depth expert knowledge. Oracle 11g Performance Tuning course covers all tuning topics right from database designing, memory tuning, operating system tuning, hardware tuning, network tuning, Application tuning, SQL Tuning, Disk I/O tuning etc. This special performance tuning online course also covers differences between Oracle 12c, Oracle 11g tuning, Oracle 10g Tuning and Oracle 9i Tuning concepts.

Oracle 11g Performance Tuning - Special online course is designed by 15 years experienced and Oracle certified DBA in Oracle 7,8,8i,9i,10g,11g with wide range of expertise with freelancer working and visiting faculty in various countries. This online course is totally equipped to troubleshooting of every performance problem of Oracle database without having any experience and expertise. Because kendba’s Oracle 11g performance Tuning course provides every real time scenario based examples for learning Oracle performance bottleneck and investigating root cause of problems in single hand.

If you want to be expert in Oracle performance tuning then this online course is best weapon for you to sharp your skill set and be master in Oracle server tuning.

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