Why Fresher Oracle DBA shows fake experience in resume?

by Kendba Admin / Dec 19, 2010 / Published in Career Builder
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Very bad Habit to show fake experience in resume:

The software field faced a major setback after the recent recession which made several to lose their job and finding a job had been a nightmare for millions of qualified people all over the world and especially in India. As the economic meltdown started to bounce back the requirement for the IT and DBA jobs started flourishing everywhere and especially regarding Database administration jobs. However as for concerned among today’s generation they have learned that the database platform are one of the ultimate platform to start up a good carrier and as a result several thousands of fresher’s are looking forward to enter into the companies for the DBA jobs.

However due to the good reputation and carrier enhancement in the DBA field has made the today’s younger generation to look forwards to earn quick money without experience. As everybody knows if one has the good experience of one or two years then he might get well placed inside a well reputed company with lucrative payments and also chances of going onsite. Having this in mind the fresher’s set their path in attaining the experience by providing the fake experience in their resume without knowing the consequences if they might be proved guilty. If the company came to know about the fake documents provided by the individual they might take severe action which could drastically affect the entire future of the individual.

But without showing fake experience in resume, there is lots of fresher Oracle DBA not getting single interview calls. If company provides him opportunity to acquire experience then they don’t show fake experience in resume. Who is interesting to show fake experience in resume? I always prefer fresher Oracle DBA because they take more initiative then others. Every time they are ready to learn new thing to grab experience. Whenever fresher Oracle DBA gets stuck then we seniors help them to resolve their issues.

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In short, we can say that if companies and HR consultants understand the problem of experience and tackle the situation problem of fake experience automatically be removed. But who bother to do? Means if this problem doesn’t short out, fresher Oracle DBA may take chance to mention fake experience in resume. This is one of main reason that fresher Oracle DBA faces tough in interview. Which they are not imaging, One wrong thing force to do more wrong things.

This problem can be resolved, if excellent resume is making and applying in proper way to job placement companies. Strong resume makes more effect to get opportunity. But this thing fresher Oracle DBA doesn't apply and picks wrong way to show fake experience because it is short cut.

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It is really bad practise to show fake experience in resume for getting job......

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