Why I cannot get interview calls?

by Kendba Admin / Mar 3, 2011 / Published in Jobsearch
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Doesn't Get Interview Calls as a Fresher Oracle DBA?

A poorly written resume can be a major obstacle to getting an interview for an Oracle DBA fresher job, but even if you have crafted a clear, concise and attractive resume and covering letter, it can still seem impossible to get an interview call for these competitive positions. Making the wrong resume can prevent you from making progress in your career. You need to make sure that your resume shows you are the right candidate for the job.

Targeting your resume and covering letter to a specific position is very important. Addressing your covering letter to the right person and making sure your resume demonstrates you have all the skills listed in the job description can show an employer that you are serious about working for them. Resume is the mirror image of candidate. Poor resume reflect very poor reflection of candidate.

Why fresher Oracle DBA doesn't get interview calls? What are the reasons behind this issue?

You need to make it clear that you have the necessary skills and qualification in order to get an interview. Try to be as specific as possible and to give examples, rather than just listing the skills you have learned during your studies. If you are applying for a job as an Oracle DBA fresher, then you need to focus on your Oracle skills, but you should not forget to include your other computer skills and other important skills such as teamwork and communication.

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Lack of experience is a major cause of difficulties obtaining an interview for an Oracle DBA fresher position. Candidates who have some relevant real world experience will always be preferred. Your resume should make the most of any experience you have, even if it was unpaid or if it was a computer related job that did not involve Oracle.

As fresher Oracle DBA, you need to improve your database administration skill set in very depth. Your powerful knowledge of your area of expertise can boost up your self confidence. Without self confidence you can’t able to convince your recruiter or interviewer using writing polish covering letter, marvelous resume or dashing English in telephonic primary communication. Your voice will be showing your self confidence and smart HR consultants have skill and analysis to judge your confidence level. Hence we can say that without self confidence or weak confidence you never get chance either in resume selection or getting interview call.

Selectors and recruiters never want waste time to take interview of candidate who doesn’t has knowledge of resume writing of your skill set, not having skill in communication and not having self confidence. Off course recruiter can be select candidate’s resume and providing chance to show himself or herself in technical interview if found everything excellent. Means HR consultant can arrange interviews of candidate if found satisfactory in every primary scrutiny procedure.

Thus, be confidence in your skills; learn more and more day by day to sharp your expertise in your technical domain. These are the steps which can you drive to get your first job as fresher Oracle DBA. Career path of Oracle DBA is not so easy because this is only first hurdle, which you should need to pass without fail. Sometimes, due to wrong selection of company was targeted. And you would not get interview because they are not having requirement of fresher. Target those companies which have requirement to manage database 24/7. Those companies always hires some fresher in the team.

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