Avoid Nervousness During Interview

by Kendba Admin / Dec 25, 2010 / Published in Interview Questions
Interview Nerves Anxiety

How to Avoid Interview Nerves Anxiety?

In technical or HR round of interviews there are may be different kind of interviews will be held in different way. In most of the cases of technical round of interview is telephonic and Human Resource round is personal round of interview. Before all rounds of interview, HR execute always takes one primary stage communication on telephonic communication. This is the first primary short round of interview for checking either candidate is interesting to join if he or she will be selected and how is he/she in communication. If found poor communication or not suitable candidate then they never arrange another round of interviews.

In short, if candidate doesn’t found good in communication then he or she will be rejected in primary round of discussion by HR execute. If found good and suitable then only go with another round of interviews.

The interview can be in two forms: telephonic and personal interview. This is natural to be nervous before or at the time of interview. But below given are some tips to avoid nervousness during interview.

Never loose your self confidence before, during interview process.

  • The first and foremost thing you can do is the role play. Just be and interviewer and ask few questions to yourself and then try to find out the best answer of the possible questions. This will build the confidence in you to appear the interview whether it is telephonic or personal.
  • The nervousness may arise when you have not done your homework on the company you are appearing interview for.So it is better just go through the company’s website, online available sales figures or any other easily available information about the company.
  • Don't just mug up the answer of the questions that are frequently asked. Apply your own sense and answer each question that shows your positive approach and honesty.
  • While going for a personal interview make sure that you look presentable and professional. Avoid wearing the casual clothing for interview. The cloths you wear for interview must equally be comfortable too.
  • Always reach before the time. Thus, you will be able to understand the environment of the company premises. And this will provide you relaxation as well.
  • Always begin with smile because smile kills the nervousness. Smile is the sign of optimism and it increases your confidence as well.
  • Never go for interview with empty hands, carry a Diary. Always carry two copies of your Resume. One for the interviewer and other for yourself that you can refer if required.
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