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Aspiring to be an Oracle Professional? Join Kendba today to take your first step towards success.

There are lots of institutes existing in market which are offering Oracle DBA courses. We are different than others because we are not providing only trainings but we are building strong Oracle database administration career. Our students would live better life with their strong career. We have long list of happy students who are becoming successful Oracle DBA and earn more than others.

During every session in classroom training, we are analyzing every student about his or her interest, weakness, strength, habit, powerful skill, etc. As per analysis we are guiding to every student to improve their weak areas and sharping their strong points. We guide them in every aspect apart from training. Thus every student is able to fight with every future issues and this practice makes him or her success and better life. For fresher DBA job assistance this analysis data is very useful to get accurate result.

I found breathtaking oracle DBA trainings with excellent fresher Oracle job assistance services of Kendba. After training of Kendba, with help of fresher Oracle job assistance service of them I got job within 17 days. I am recommending 100% if anyone need to success in Oracle DBA field. I am thankful to Kendba team who are providing wonderful guidance during training.

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Our Training Process

Absolute Career Builder

We are not providing online training but providing strong career building program.

Real Time Scenario

During practical session every student gets real time scenario based issues and troubleshooting.

Build Self Confidence

Analyze strength and weakness during training and build up self confidence of student.

We use real time scenario based practical training from our expert’s experience. It will build up student’s self-confidence and increase knowledge of real time working practice. Our expert faculty always provides guidance and issue solving tricks as per his real time incidences in his great high experience. Due to this reason, every student gets extra ordinary knowledge on different operating systems as well as various versions of Oracle databases. Our faculty always tries to provide each and every practical scenario. If there is no practical lesion available then faculty tries to provide general examples for better understanding.

There are a lot of careers that most people go for. The career that one chooses will depend with the jobs that it has and how much money that one will get. One of the careers that most people are going for is the DBA career. When one becomes a database administrator they will have to choose the software that they are going to work with. There are a number of database software and one of them is the oracle. Many of the people go for this software because they say it is the best. When one goes to the oracle, they will notice that the market value is high. When you compare the market value of the oracle and the other software you will notice that they are different and the one of the oracle is much better that the rest. The oracle is also very much in demand in most of the companies and organizations. Most of the people like to use it because it adds a lot of value to the company or organization. That is why most of the people go for this system.

Kendba is learner's paradise - learn from only Experts....

Expert Faculty:

expert oracle dba

We are offering classroom training from only expert Oracle DBA who is having vast experience and able to address your every query. Our faculty is able to understand every student nature, behavior and habit. He is also able to your necessity and issues. He is able to guide you in every problem apart from Oracle subject. You can get more detail from his website and study his experience. Gitesh Trivedi is one of our faculty. You can go through his blog or any online web article.

We also prefer classroom Oracle DBA training rather than online Oracle DBA training. But due to fast and busy life it is not possible to attend classroom training and you can choose online training. If you are serious to build your career in Oracle database administration then we are recommending class training only. During this training personal approach is possible and faculty can understand your queries and analyze your thoughts as per your expression. Face reading is best option to understand weakness and strength of every person.

About LIFETIME Support

oracle dba career

We are providing lifetime support to our every student of classroom training. Because our faculty better understand student’s nature, behavior and skill level. We are providing life time support to only selected candidate who took online training. In online training is not possible to judge skill level of every student.

Those who take up this career have a high chance of getting high pay; they also have a lot of job opportunities. There job opportunity is higher for oracle than the other system. This system has a lot of demand and most of the companies look for people who are experts on these systems, which is why there are so many job opportunities. If one takes up this career and majors on oracle, they have a high chance of getting a high paying job. There are also of companies and organization that need people who are experts on this field and because they are not so many, they are offering a very good pay. Career growth is also very high. You can get adventurous life if you are Oracle DBA because so many challenging circumstances are being faced by you during your daily work. It is not easy to maintain different type of databases with various versions on different operating systems.

This lifetime support exists with every operating systems on different Oracle versions too. There is no guarantee only faculty would provide you this kind of support but any of our faculty will provide you this kind of support. During this support we are not taking any remote connection of your client. Our faculty will guide you how to resolve this issue. You should need to remember this is not professional remote dba support.

If you want to start your Oracle DBA career then Oracle DBA Interview Questions book is very helpful to you for cracking hard technical interview. Book contains tricky questions, troubleshooting, tuning, backup and recovery, security, daily administration, SQL and upgrade real time scenario questions with appropriate answers. This is best book if you are going to taking interview and searching right suitable candidate for your team. In short we can say that it is most helpful to interviewer and interviewee. You would get FREE copy of this book in you classroom training.

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