A First tricky Question in Interview

by Kendba Admin / Jan 24, 2012 / Published in Interview Questions
tricky interview question

"Give Brif Introduction of your" - a first common interview question. How to deal?

Obliviously it is trap from first question. This very simple question and every time raised in every interview. Don’t think it is not important because interviewer has your resume with him. Sometimes interviewer doesn't have resume of yours and asks this question but it is very rare cases. Important thing is "how to handle" this type of question. Be careful to handle it because you are sitting opposite side of interviewer and maybe he didn't see you because you are on phone and appearing telephonic round of interview.

Interview is the gateway between you and your dream organization. They determine you will get in or stay outside. You need to crack many codes to get through. One can predict types of questions, but can never predict exact question series, as it is highly subjective matter. It varies from interviewer to interviewer & from candidate to candidate. So, you don’t have control to device your interview, but of course you can well handle some parts of interview. Introduction is such one part. Almost every interview commences with the basic question - Give brief detail of yours?

Most common question and probably first question asked during interview is "Give a brief detail of your" or "Give your brief intruction". Do you think interviewer not knowing about you?

Candidate never knows but it tricky question. Interviewer has candidate’s resume in his hand. Interviewer is able to read it or before read it. But still he asks this question to candidate. What he is wanting from candidate? Did you thing about this? Never right? Due to this reason this is very tricky question. Using this question interviewer wants very short detail of yours. Most of case candidate gives full detailing as introduction. But actually it is wrong method to attend this type of tricky question.

tricky interview questions

Impressive introduction is half way done. You need to handle it with your full energy and care. You may be well aware with introduction particulars such as- Hometown, curricular, extra-curricular, corporate experience and family background. You may have prepared full proof information on that. But, this is not the case. Here, the important thing is to present it.........


Logically appropriate flow of contents

Keep it crisp and self explanatory


Make sure you use words in context. Use less complicated words.

  • Ensure you use sober language with confidence at optimized speed.
  • Controlled body language if you are on telephonic interview then control your voice.


  • Ensure you have eye-contact while briefing yourself and if you are on telephonic interview then need to concentrate on noise.
  • You are strictly advised not to show-off in interviews.
  • Be optimistic.

Apart from basic aspects to be taken care, here are some Smart tactics-

  • Put loopholes in your introduction, upon which interviewer will be eagerly asking questions. You can well prepare answers of these probable questions in advance. This can help you out in directing your onward interview journey.
  • In introduction, never forget to give hint about strong points of yours which are quite helpful to organization. As this is matter of organization concern, this will be easily converted it into related questions. Then you can well explain how best you can deliver value addition to organization.

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