Oracle Advance Tuning

Oracle DBA Advance Performance Tuning

Course Contents

oracle DBA courses
  1. Basic Architecture of Oracle 11g
  2. Oracle Performance Overview
  3. Diagnostic and Performance Tuning Tools
  4. Oracle Database Disk I/O Tuning
  5. Tuning Memory Structure SGA – Shared Pool
  6. Tuning Memory Structure SGA – Buffer Cache
  7. Tuning Memory Structure SGA – Other Components
  8. Tuning the Oracle Shared Server
  9. Tuning Memory Structure Sorting Operations
  10. Effective SQL Tuning
  11. Optimizer Statistics Management
  12. Oracle Block Efficiency
  13. Oracle Data Storage Structure
  14. Application Tuning
  15. OLTP Database System and Data Warehousing DSS Database Systems
  16. Lock Contention and Resolution
  17. Tuning Operating Systems
  18. Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g,Oracle 12c Performance Tuning Concepts Differences
  19. FREE STUFF: Useful scripts, other technical topics videos, presentation, technical notes, OCP certification help, etc

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