Resume screening or scrunity process

by Kendba Admin / Feb 22, 2011 / Published in Jobsearch
resume screening

Resume screening and Resume Scrutiny process of recruiters,companies,HR consultants - a quick look out

Resume scrutiny is the vital part for recruiters. Distinguish resumes as per requirements and differentiate strong resume v/s weak resumes. If any candidate has good experience but resume is not strong then it will be going in to weak resume part. Resume screening and resume scrutiny is very important because candidate gets interview call or resume rejected during whole process. First we need to understand how recruiters are processing resume screening or resume scrutiny.

IT people provides actual requirement to HR staff for projects. After getting requisition from IT department, HR staffs first check their own database for finding out suitable resume. If they are not finding any suitable resume from their database then publish advertisement for opening with requirement. They are collecting all resumes for same job opening and start resume screening process. This resume screening process is very important because candidate gets interview call if found suitable otherwise not. Resume screening process is called as resume scrutiny also sometimes. During resume screening and resume scrutiny following process can be carried on by recruiter staffs or HR staffs. For performing this process, they either scan all resumes or enter manual in their software.

  • First all collected resume are sorted out with candidate’s name in alphabetically order.
  • After finishing sort process, they are inserting all details of each candidate in to their own database with experience, qualification, job applied, present company, expected salary, present salary.
  • Once finish above all processes, HR staff is starting to search resumes for present opening and try to analysis which resumes are more suitable. During this process they might consider exact matching criteria, below matching criteria and lower matching criteria. Means resumes are sorting again with exact fit in to present requirement. If resume found to fit exact matching requirement then it will be gone to table "A". If found below matching as per present requirement then it will be put to table "B". If not found any suitable requirement or found any faulty resumes those will be pushed in to table "C".
  • Once level-2 screening has been finished, HR staffs calculate the number of positions and suitable resumes. They will arrange interviews of table "A" resumes. This time resumes from table "B" neglected. If any candidate found suitable from table "A" then he got offer letter.
  • HR people always select 2 persons for single post. They would not send offer letter to another person but even they don’t disclose that he or she is selected or not selected. This is the trick to keep one person to standby if selected candidate doesn't join the duty then immediately HR staff is considering to second candidate and send offer letter to him or her.
  • If there is no candidate found suitable for present requirement from table "A" then recruiter staffs is processing same procedure using table "B". But for processing with table "B" resumes they also start searching for same opening again. This is common recruitment process because if candidate not fit in present requirement from table "B" then they need to process again for searching.
resume screening

Therefore we can say that if candidate’s resume is going in to table B during resume screening, then there is very little chance to get interview call. If candidate's resume is going in to table C during resume screening, then there is no chance to get interview call from recruiters. Only strong resumes are taking place the right position during resume scrutiny or resume screening. Without effective resume no candidate gets chance of interview calls.

So many times fresher IT techies are raising question that he or she didn't get any interview call from recruiters. Now you can get answer for your same question after reading above resume scrutiny process.

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