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What is Relational Database System?

Database is a collection of facts and figures that are saved in the form of a record under a parameter or a name. These records are saved in a sequential form and can be retrieved by using the reference address of their location on the record holder or the parameter under which they are located. Computer database is a structure of cells made from columns and rows that work simultaneously to generate space for the data to be stored in electronic form. These data safe heavens are designed using latest tools and programming skills.

Storing electronic data has been a challenge before the computer revolution. But today data warehouses all over the world have trillions of records stored in their servers in a manner that is exemplary. Out of millions of records a particular record can be traced and retrieved in a matter of seconds. Databases are designed using different methods and algorithms. One of the basic structures involved the use of tables. Tables were designed under particular title and then the records were saved under these tables to generate a sequential form of data storage. This approach was known as tabular database.

Other approaches were based on use of cluster technology etc. But tabular idea was appreciated the most. A number of software manufacturers got engaged in a race to produce the best possible database system based on the tabular system. Database systems were connected to easy to use user interfaces so that people with minimum computer knowledge would be able to use these programmes to save their data. This lead to a revolution in the computer market and name such as SQL, DBMS and RDBMS started appearing. Although these names sound very complex however in reality they provide very simple solutions to all our data storage requirements.

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Computer databases are not about storing data, this is just the beginning part, and data management was also achieved to produce a complete system. DBMS also known as database management systems were introduced based on tabular technology and provided solution using a table, but this system lacked the tabular interaction and management. Although tables were available but they failed to connect to each other thus limiting the scope of the whole system. There was a need of advanced system. RDBMS was the result of the above cry. The relational database management system finally arrived.

RDBMS has been the most used and appreciated database management system available till today. It provided a dynamic capability to the DBMS system. Multiple tables containing associated and related data interacted perfectly with each other. Once when the information was retrieved results from multiple tables was collected through single set of instructions. This not only provided diversity to the whole system but also provided flexibility. RDBMS has been top choice for a number of corporations and commercial players around the globe. There is no design limits on this system and there is no limit on the table number, so you can create database of any size.

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